Cryptic Flipper
(Cyber Monday SPECIAL DEAL)

Special deal for Cyber Monday. Get this crystal blue Cryptic Flipper for only $5! 

Your choice, you could buy a beautiful knife such as this for $5 and it will last you a LIFETIME. Or you could go buy a sandwich that'll last you a few minutes.

I think the choice is clear, this knife is beautiful, has great textures and an amazing paint job featuring a crystal blue fade. It's great for gifts and even greater to buy for yourself !

Deal won't last long, make sure to order before they're gone for good!

Limited to 100 pieces.

ALL Items Include a 30 Day Warranty, for more information click here
By offering merchandise for sale, SunBlades does not represent or warrant that any specific purchaser may legally purchase, own, or possess the merchandise ordered. CHECK YOUR LOCAL LAWS!

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