Monthly Knife Subscription (powered by 12blades)


Get a knife every month for a fraction of the price! It's completely random, you never know what you'll get next. Hundreds of subscribers, thousands of knives sent, click here to start now!

You may Cancel at ANY time. 

Here are the specifications of the type of knives you will be receiving .(Please make sure to check your local laws before ordering)
Blade Length 3" to 15"
Blade Material Random
Handle Size Random
Functionality Folding, Spring Assisted
Type Karambit, Stiletto, Multi Tool, Standard, & More!


Please refer to this website if you need to cancel your subscription. (or for any questions you may have)


ALL Items Include a 30 Day Warranty, for more information click here
By offering merchandise for sale, SunBlades does not represent or warrant that any specific purchaser may legally purchase, own, or possess the merchandise ordered. CHECK YOUR LOCAL LAWS!

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